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"An exceptional puzzle game" / Spiegel on line "A fun puzzler that I wasn’t expecting to be so personable and challenging." / IndieStatik "Be careful where you tap!" / PocketGamer Singular is a puzzle game where you lead a terrified M. Green through an hostile world full of red cells. It's a story about solitude, love and sacrifice and the discovery of diversity.
Every level is a variation around a really simple and satisfying mechanic : touch cells to make them explode in a certain radius.
Features :
-> 60 levels full of puzzles and action are included in this full version. Some of them are generated levels (different every time you play them).
-> 4 different breeds of cells x 5 different actions = many possibilities
-> A unique "Combo mode", where you compete the world to make the best score possible
-> A game designed for tablets and smartphones
Singular is inspired by Thomas was alone or World of Goo. I'm an indie game developer working in London. Singular is a game originally made for Ludum Dare #28.